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Standard Stroke Lengths

Long Stroke Lengths


Standard Stroke Lengths

Long Stroke Lengths


L-Type 180 degree or patented 120 degree impingement High Pressure Recirculating Mix Heads available in low throughput models such as a 5/8-2 through high capacity 16/25-2 heads. Standard features include:

  • Adjustable needle 

  • Conical orifices

  • Adjustable clean-out piston and hydraulic bleed for both cylinders

  • Isolation chambers eliminate hydraulic oil contamination in the chemical 

  • Standard nozzle length of 1-1/2 " but long stroke  lengths offered

  • Many models are available with 3 stream capability


L-Head (2-Stream) Models

L-Head (3-Stream) Models
MHL 3/5-2-38-180 MHL 6/10-3-38-180
MHL 5/8-2-38-180 MHL 8/12-3-38-180
MHL 6/10-2-38-120 MHL 10/12-3-38-180
MHL 8-12-2-38-120 MHL 10/14-3-38-180
MHL 10/12-2-38-120 MHL 12/19-3-38-180
MHL 10/14-2-38-120 MHL 16/25-3-38-180
MHL 12/19-2-38-120 Duplex (Double L-Head) Models
MHL 14/20-2-38-120 MHDL 6/6/10-4-38-120
MHL 16/25-2-38-120 MHDL 8/8/12-4-38-120
  MHDL 10/10/12-4-38-120

Straight type mix heads are also available from Quality Craft Machine. Manufactured with a 6-25 mm mixing piston diameter, these mix heads provide a wide range of throughputs.  Standard features include:

  • Adjustable needle 

  • Flat-type orifices

  • Standard nozzle length of 1.56 " but long stroke lengths are also available

  • Carbide inlaid and solid carbide plungers are available upon request for applications requiring abrasive fillers


OEM Discounts Available!

Straight Head (Standard) Models - 3-Stream Also Avail.


Isolation Chambers
Isolation chambers eliminate hydraulic oil contamination in the chemical stream.

Double L Heads





Custom Mix Heads

This mix head is a prime example of manufacturing for specific applications. The long nozzle length provides this mix head with extended reach capacity. If this is your dilemma, give us a call.

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New Mix Head Warranty

Quality Craft Machine warrants a new mix head to be free from defects in materials and workmanship (excluding normal maintenance items, not limited to, but including seals, o-rings, orifices, and orifice needles) as follows:

Unfilled Mix Heads
MHL for a period of six months from date of delivery or 100,000 shots, whichever occurs first.

Filled Mix Heads

MHL F for a period of six months from date of delivery or 20,000 shots, whichever occurs first

***Adjusting or loosening any bolts marked red voids all warranty claims
Mixing heads are also known as mixing guns, urethane guns or foam guns.


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